New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators Diversity Committee

Recruitment & Retention Plan


DEIA Mission Statement:

In alignment with ALA Headquarters, the mission of the New Jersey ALA Chapter (NJALA) is to increase diversity and build a culture of inclusion within our membership. We look to address and remove barriers while intentionally building an organization in which all feel welcomed. We will serve as a resource to our membership and local legal community as they seek to do the same. 


DEIA Survey Questions:


NJALA has put the questions below out to our members in our Member Survey, to get a better understanding of our Chapter and to see how we can help.

On a scale of 1-7, please rank the following with 1 being “Not at All” and 7 being “Absolutely”:

I feel welcomed and included in our New Jersey ALA chapter.

I have close relationships with other members of our New Jersey ALA chapter.

We are actively listening and holding open conversations about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility within our chapter.

I am comfortable speaking up and holding challenging conversations around diversity with members of our chapter, as needed.

We are identifying and addressing the needs of diverse members.

Our meetings, events, activities, education, and resources are accessible to me.

As it relates to diversity, what specific ways can we improve?

Do you identify as diverse?

NJALA hopes that the answers to these questions, will help us better serve our Chapter and help our Membership.