Chapter President and Board of Trustees
Mary Beth Donoghue, 973.966.8146 – E-Mail

Vice President – Programs
Elli Albert, 973.994.7534 –E-Mail

Vice President – Membership, Membership Directory, Deposits
Nancy Harris, 973.631.7301 – E-Mail

Treasurer – Financials, Member Billing
Elyssa Goldstein, CLM, 732.247.3600, x113 –E-Mail

Secretary – Meeting Minutes, Meeting Attendance, Mailings
Michelle Cohen, 973.533.9300, x234 –E-Mail


To see the members of each committee, click on the committee name. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the contact person listed underneath the committee name. 

Adopt-a-Chapter Committee
Chair: Doreen Marino - E-Mail

Bar Relations
Co-Chair: Kathy Dart - E-Mail
Co-Chair: Nancy Harris - E-Mail

Business Partner Expo
Chair: Mary Ellen Dolan - E-Mail

Business Partner Relations and Advisory Committee
Co-Chair: Kurt Brown - E-Mail
Co-Chair: Mary Ellen Dolan - E-Mail

Chapter Audit
Doreen Formato - E-Mail

Chapter Survey
Chair: Elli Albert - E-Mail

CLM and Education Committee
Co-Chair: Elyssa Goldstein - E-Mail 
Co-Chair: Nancy Harris - E-Mail

Community Challenge
Co-Chair: James Van Leir - E-Mail
Co-Chair: Mitchell Rait - E-Mail

Compensation/Benefits Surveys
Chair: Elli Albert - E-Mail

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Chair: Doreen Marino - E-Mail

Education Workshops
Chair: Kathy Dart - E-Mail

Equipment Survey
Chair: Elli Albert - E-Mail

Audrey Serban - E-Mail

Membership Development
Chair: Mary Beth Donoghue - E-Mail

Editor: Elyssa Goldstein - E-Mail 

Doreen Marino - E-Mail

Past President Council
Gail Englert - E-Mail

President’s Award
Elli Albert - E-Mail

Professional Placements
Elyssa Goldstein - E-Mail 

Records Committee
Chair: Nancy Harris - E-Mail

Social Events
Chair: Judy Sotardi - E-Mail

Greg Deatz - E-Mail
Cathy Aveta - E-Mail