3i Pure Water Technology—Simplifying Your Water Drinking Needs

By Jason Scaringi
At first glance, the 3i Pure Water Technology is a futuristic looking machine with different buttons, lights and screens.  It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie or television show.  Humorously, I often joke with clients that this type of machine is self-aware and can talk back.  All jokes aside, the 3i Pure Water Technology is not as complicated at it may seem.  In fact, it facilitates water-drinking needs through a smooth and efficient process.  One often begs the following questions when laying eyes upon the 3i Pure Water Technology for the first time: “What is it? Where does the water come from? Is it safe?”  Most of the answers to those questions are quite simple.
To begin, the water from the 3i Pure Water Technology is supplied via a water line which is connected directly to a water source located in one’s office.  The water being pulled from the tap into the machine becomes safe to drink thanks to a four-stage purification process located within the cooler.
The first phase of the purification process is the sediment filter.  The sediment filter removes anything visible you may see within the water, e.g., dirt or rust.  The second phase of the purification process is the carbon block filter.  The carbon block filter essentially removes any organic material like chlorine or fluoride.  The third phase of the purification process, the reverse osmosis membrane, is probably the most important phase.  Reverse osmosis purification eliminates all harmful inorganic material such as lead, mercury or arsenic.  The fourth phase of the purification process is granular activated carbon filter, otherwise known as “final polish”.  Often when water is heavily purified, helpful minerals could be lost in the process.  The “final polish” restores many of those lost minerals and gives the water that crisp, quality taste with which everyone is familiar.
The purified water rests within a stainless-steel holding tank.  Stainless steel reduces the ability for harmful bacteria to grow while the water is inside the holding tank.  Additionally, the water within the holding tank is sanitized through a process known as “oxygen injection”.  Essentially, oxygen is shot into the water killing off any harmful contaminants that may have been found within the holding tank.  Thus, the internal diagnostics of the machine allow for the cooler to be completely safe.
As far as the exterior goes, it, too, has safety and hygienic benefits.  The touchpad located on the machine is antimicrobial.  The antimicrobial touchpad reduces the percentage likelihood for bacteria to grow on the touchpad of the machine.  The nozzle of the machine is also internalized.  It is recessed to eliminate the risk of being touched by a cup and transferring germs.
The beauty of the 3i Pure Water Technology is that it does not need to rely on the usage of plastic bottles.  Imagine never having to store or lift those heavy bottles again!  One could even dub this cooler as “green technology” because of its ability to naturally purify water without the need for bottles.  Storing, changing and delivering bottles is a thing of the past.  Using the 3i Pure Water Technology allows offices of any caliber to reduce the amount of wasted plastic per year.  For example, a mid-sized law firm with approximately 50 employees could easily go through 20 to 25 bottles per month.  The 3i Pure Water Technology provides a solution that is both convenient and environmentally friendly.
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