5 Questions with�Michelle Cohen

By Cathy Aveta

CA: What’s your secret talent?

MC: I have written a(n) (unpublished) novel, performed and published original poetry, published a biographical short and have been working on a memoir of sorts.  I have been singing since I was a little girl in choirs, plays, etc.  I also designed many pieces of furniture in my own home.

CA: Who would you most want to swap places with for a day?

MC: I would have loved to swap places, if it could have been possible, with David Bowie or Prince.  Even an hour—I wouldn’t want to be a pig about taking a whole day, but if this [could ever] happen, sign me up!

CA: Who is you favorite TV/movie lawyer? 

MC: Vinny Gambini of My Cousin Vinny, played by Joe Pesci.

CA: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? 

MC: This would be a tie between music and books.  I could not select just one of them.

CA: What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing legal administration?

MC: I would go back to my original career as a social worker advocating for individuals with multiple disabilities, but now enhanced with all the mad skills I learned as a human resources director at a law firm.  Social work is my true calling.  I still volunteer and help out however I can.

Cathy Aveta is the Director of Paralegal Services & Attorney Recruitment at Saiber LLC in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Michelle Cohen is the Director of Human Resources and Office Manager of Schneck Law Group LLC in Livingston, New Jersey.

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